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MrBuckleFree™ For Kids | Buckle Free Elastic Belt

MrBuckleFree™ For Kids | Buckle Free Elastic Belt

MrBuckleFree™ For Kids | Buckle Free Elastic Belt

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Need a belt that always fits comfortably? The original buckle free elastic belt from MrBuckleFree is an innovative invention that takes comfort to the next level! 

No bulge, no hassle any more. No need to buckle and unbuckle a belt when kids go to the bathroom. A buckle free belt will help children to be more independent and confident.

✅  MAKES LIFE EASIER: No more hassle with a buckle. Click this belt onto your pants just once and forget you are wearing it. No messing around with dressing or undressing and it saves time when visiting the restroom!

✅  VERY COMFORTABLE: The elastic waist belt moves with you. No pressing buckle on your stomach. No hassle with loosening the belt, even after a big meal! Always keep your pants in place.

✅  ELEGANT APPEARANCE: Removes the loose fitting flap belt on the side that you always have with standard waist belts. A beautiful simplistic design that does not stand out.

✅  EXCELLENT QUALITY: With the use of high quality elastic material, this will be a belt that you will wear for years to come.

✅  PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: For children of all ages. Due to its adjustability and stretch, this belt is suitable for children of all ages and has a maximum adjustable size of 24'' (54CM). Perfect for any occasion. For school, sports and while playing around. For anyone who wants a comfortable belt and no hassle with buckles. We also have them for adults, check our webshop!

Product specifications.

Suitable for: Kids 
Product length: Adjustable up to 24'' (54CM) 
Product width: 0.98 inch (2,5 CM)
Material: Elastic, artificial leather 
Washing instructions: Do not wash

Tags: Kids

Customer reviews

Find out how our clients feel about MrBuckleFree™

Cool, good belt. No fiddling with buckles that stick out from under your clothes. No holes in your shirt from a buckle.

Belt without buckle, always fits! Just sit comfortably, without a buckle!

Fine smooth belt. Handy belt, easy to attach and detach. No damage to clothing because the belt is smooth

Fits perfectly! A very nice belt, now I don't want to wear a normal belt anymore. I immediately bought 2 one for me and one for my wife. Fits just right and stretches well.

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